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Curt Hamann, MD

Curt Hamann

Dr. Curt Hamann completed his medical school/rotating internship in preventive medicine at Loma Linda University ('88) subsidized by a dental office partnership with his wife, Beth Hamann DDS ('85).  They purchased and merged two dental practices in Rialto where Dr. Curt hired and managed the business and Beth the clinical staff for nearly 10 years. One of Dr. Beth's lead dental assistants developed an occupationally debilitating contact dermatitis which sent Dr. Curt on a Sherlockian pursuit of a diagnosis catalyzing a 25 year clinical passion for the importance of diagnosis driven management of occupational allergies in dentistry. Clinical research subsequently led to over 75 peer reviewed articles and book chapters in the areas of immediate and delayed allergy. Dr. Beth, like many in dentistry, began experiencing hand symptoms consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Despite being quickly given a presumptive diagnosis of CTS they together used oximetry to determine that her hand pain and fatigue was due to impaired thumb oxygenation from poor fitting exam gloves rather than damage to the median nerve. These two practical problems in dentistry inspired Dr. Curt to create examination and surgical glove solutions designed to minimize allergy and ergonomic problems in healthcare which they now produce in Southeast Asia and distribute worldwide.

They also inspired an ongoing 18 year collaboration with the American Dental Association testing dental personnel at annual meetings creating the worlds most comprehensive database for the incidence and prevalence of both latex allergy and median nerve neuropathy. This epidemiologic data has been summarized in featured cover articles in JADA and has been used by the ADA in deliberation with Federal OSHA. Dr. Curt was one of the consultant authors working with the Federal Government in the development of the Dental Infection Control Guideline published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and served for 6 years on the board of directors of OSAP (Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures). Dr. Curt is CEO of SmartPractice, Inc a Top 50 privately held Arizona company and live in Paradise Valley, Arizona. In addition Dr. is an adjunct professor at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and founding director of the Contact Dermatitis Institute.