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Dianne Saywell, RDH, RYT

Dianne Saywell

Dianne Saywell has been practicing dental hygiene for over 25 years. After coming close to being incapable of continuing her career due to repetitive stress injury, she turned to yoga. Upon discovering the healing benefits in her body after just a few weeks of attending sessions at a local studio, she knew she had to share this with everyone.

Dianne now currently does both jobs, dental hygiene and yoga instruction. She holds workshops in the studio where she teaches all levels of classes in North Port, Florida. Feeling she has found a passion alongside a rewarding career, she never tires of sharing the yoga love with her patients and co-workers as well as any dental suggestions with her students.

Dianne works and lives in Southwest Florida with her husband, Bob, a retired firefighter and avid fisherman. They practice yoga together to maintain their active lifestyles.

Updated: Dec 2017