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Jill C. Obrochta, RDH, BS

Jill C. Obrochta

Jill Obrochta received her Bachelor's of Science Degree at Loyola University in 1985 and her Certificate in Tissue and Anesthesia at UCLA in 1991. Initially practicing Dental Hygiene in the Chicago area, she polished the "business edge" to her career. Establishing herself in a niche area of dental research, Jill developed easy-to-follow dental practice protocol for Infection Control Compliance within the insurance industry in accordance with OSHA and the Center for Disease Control.

She expanded her career into the field of academics. By securing a position with a highly dynamic dental education company, she was part of a national team of dental hygienists that were dedicated to research and lecturing the current trends to other dental professionals.

In 1999, she co-founded the Ft. Lauderdale-based dental continuing education foundation, This unique continuing education venue, offers dental professionals an opportunity to stay clinically current with a special focus on Stress Relief, Psychological Balance and Self!  TranscenDENTAL’s success gained notoriety in RDH magazine for offering continuing education credits with a unique motivational flair. Jill also co-writes and has co-hosted several Health-Channel Television Shows for Today’s Health/CNBC, and local Cable & You-Tube™ Television.

Jill went on to establish a professional education company, Dental, providing a unique blend of dental education, motivation, practice growth solutions, and 5-star customer services philosophies that culminate into the most exquisite & unique dental patient experience!

Over the past 2 decades she has researched and developed innovative dental team workshops, such as:  OSHA made Easy™, Perio Fitness, Dental Branding & Internet Marketing, Winning Influences in the Now Economy (W.I.N.E.™), and many other powerful practice growth solution seminars.

She is a charismatic dental speaker, with an approachable style that makes learning uniquely memorable and fun!  Jill has coached dental teams from coast-to-coast, as well as presented inspirational workshops at many National Dental Conferences and to the Dental Hygiene Society of Switzerland.

Jill has represented well-known companies like:  Pro-Dentec, Collagenex (Periostat), Capital One, Water Pik Technologies & Patterson Dental.

She currently serves as Dental Enhancements Senior Director.  She is dedicated to helping dental professionals enjoy and excel at the art of dentistry. Her enthusiasm is contagious.