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Posted 15/05/2013

Getting patients to heed your oral hygiene advice is not easy. One of the main reasons for this is that patients simply do not remember exactly what it was they were supposed to buy once they leave the surgery. This is particularly the case with power toothbrushes where there’s a wide range of manufacturers and models to choose from. In response to dental professional feedback, Oral-B has produced a sample and recommendation pack for their power toothbrushes. The packs are generic in the sense that they allow hygienists to recommend the model that they feel would most suit their patient. They will also encourage patients to change the toothbrush head regularly as an old, splayed product will not remove plaque as effectively.

Each pack contains 30 samples. If you would like a pack please contact your local Oral-B representative. If you are unsure who your representative is call 0870 2421850.