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Posted 29/07/2013

Following the introduction of Pro-Expert toothpaste, Oral-B is now launching a complementary mouthrinse, Oral-B Pro-Expert Clinic Line Rinse. This alcohol-free rinse contains cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) making it effective against a broad range of bacteria commonly associated with plaque and gingivitis. Moreover, the CPC in Oral-B Pro-Expert Clinic Line Rinse has a high level of bioavailability which increases both its efficacy and its durability; Oral-B’s rinse is effective for up to 12 hours offering all day protection against plaque and gum problems. . This makes it appealing to a broad range of your patients, including children (6 years+), and those with sensitivity issues.

As with all Oral-B products, Pro-Expert Clinic Line Rinse has undergone rigorous clinical scrutiny. In clinical trials this rinse was found to reduce gingival inflammation by 15% and gingival bleeding by 33%. A reduction in plaque can also be observed1. The findings from clinical research were also consistent with Digital Plaque Image Analysis (DPIA). When compared to brushing alone, it was found that using Oral-B Pro-Expert Clinic Rinse resulted in 42% less plaque re-growth and 34% more plaque removal post-brushing2.

Pro-Expert Clinic Line Rinse provides you with the confidence that you’re recommending a rigorously tested, evidence-based product, and will ensure your patients brushing efforts are maximised so that oral hygiene can be maintained between appointments.

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