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Posted 15/05/2013

Oral-B recognizes and values the influence a dental professional has on an individual’s decision to purchase a power toothbrush. For that reason, Oral-B wanted to support practices when it came to producing marketing materials and have produced a range of quality items that can be personalized. Appointment cards, for example will contain your practice address and phone number, or maybe you’d like some A1 posters, which again are bespoke to you.

Many practices have requested larger point of sale items for when they’re doing promotional days or educational talks. In response, practices can now order 7ft pop-up banners, which again are printed with the practices own details. These lightweight stands roll down into a compact case so are easy to store when not in use.

All these promotional pieces are free of charge to practices. To take advantage of this material you simply need to contact your local representative who can place an order on your behalf. If you are unsure who your representative is call 0870 2421850.