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Why Stannous Fluoride?

Stannous Fluoride

Stannous Fluoride: More Benefits Than Other Fluorides

There is a misconception that “all fluorides are the same”. That’s simply not true. Stannous fluoride is unique among fluoride compounds, offering multiple benefits not found with sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate. While all three compounds provide anti-caries benefits, stabilized stannous fluoride has demonstrated broader and significantly greater protection than other fluorides against plaque (Sharma et al. 2013; Garcia-Godoy et al. 2015), gingivitis (Archila et al. 2004; Mallatt et al. 2007), erosion (Hooper et al. 2007; West et al. 2017), sensitivity (Schiff et al. 2005; He et al. 2011) and halitosis (Farrell et al. 2007).

So why isn’t stannous fluoride used in every dentifrice? Stannous fluoride has some inherent challenges to formulate, requiring skill and expertise to ensure it is delivered in a bioavailable, esthetically pleasing dentifrice (White 2013). These challenges can be overcome by including extrinsic whitening agents and ingredients to stabilize the stannous fluoride (e.g., chelants), but it’s not a simple process. Decades of innovations by Procter & Gamble have resulted in the largest portfolio of stabilized stannous fluoride dentifrices available to improve patients’ oral health and provide a brushing experience that delights them.

Why Dentifrice Is Important

The oral environment is an ecosystem comprised of diverse microorganisms. Plaque biofilms provide a protective matrix in which these bacteria reside. Factors such as oral hygiene, nutrition, and host response impact the toxicity of plaque biofilms and the extent to which they have harmful consequences on hard and soft tissues. Mechanical hygiene is commonly used to remove plaque biofilms, but it is well-recognized that most patients have sub-optimal oral hygiene, largely due to not following proper brushing technique and/or insufficient brushing time (Beals et al. 2000). Poor plaque removal can lead to various oral diseases (e.g., caries, gingivitis) and conditions (e.g., tooth stain, calculus). This is where the right dentifrice choice plays a critical role in protecting patients’ oral health and the appearance of their smile. Dentifrice is a convenient, cost-effective delivery system to provide fluoride, anti-bacterial agents and other ingredients that provide benefits beyond brushing alone. Dental professionals are in a unique position to educate patients on the best dentifrice option to address their specific oral health needs.

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Patients often rely on the recommendation of dental professionals when making oral health choices. Many patients have questions about the use of stannous fluoride toothpaste. Help your patients understand the myths and facts here.

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